Tutorial: How to create a character in Streets of Rage 2 & 3

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(#) Subject: Tutorial: How to create a character in Streets of Rage 2 & 3 Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:18 am">

Tutorial: How to create a character in Streets of Rage 2 & 3

Subject: Tutorial: How to create a character in Streets of Rage 2 & 3 Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:18 am

(work in progress)
Table of Contents
1. Overview
2. Getting Started
3. Inserting Sprites
4. Customizing Voices
5. Modifying Sound Values
6. Miscellaneous


Have you always wanted to play as a character you'd like to, in Streets of Rage 2 or 3? Well, look no further! gsaurus has created amazing utilities that let you customize the characters.

Hacking Tools
Palettes of Rage
Pancake 2
Pancake 3
Megadrive Voice Editor

Fix Checksum (gsaurus' tools already fix the checksum automatically, but I'll include this anyways.)
Tile Layer Pro (Also included in this zip is a TPL palette file you can use with SOR2&3, for editing other graphics.)
A Hex Editor of your choice, such as XVI32 or Hex Workshop

Image Tools
Fighter Factory Classic (To edit color palettes and extract sprites from M.U.G.E.N characters)
Avi4BMP (You can convert GIF files into sprite sheets.)
GraphicsGale (I apologize that this isn't freeware, but it's what I primarily use when creating the sprite images that I'll insert into Pancakes. It can do things like reducing the number of colors.)
IrfanView (It can create .pal files that can be used with GraphicsGale, as well as batch resize and mirror images, try using this settings file for 75% size.)
Game Maker (You can use its image editor to create a GIF file or a sprite strip (depending on what version you use), plus it can replace one color with another color and resize the sprites if needed.)
Paint.NET (just a personal preference of mine, you can create layers in a PDN file)

Here is a Sprite Template that you can use. It has all the colors of the default palette mapped into it.

Audio Tools
GoldWave (Once again, sorry that this isn't freeware)
Wavosaur (This program can also resample sounds and change the bit depth.)

Known Issues

Pancake 2

  Using Pancake 2 v1.6b for regular Streets of Rage 2 (US), Skate's attack boxes simply won't show up, and so they can't be changed. So you have to use an older version of Pancake 2 if you want to edit Skate's attacks in Streets of Rage 2 (US).

  Editing Syndicate Wars tends to remove the hitboxes on Max's standing jab.

  Once in a while, Syndicate Wars can randomly change one or a few Hex Values regarding Stage 1-1 or Stage 3-2's background, causing a strange look.

  I can't find a way to change the weapon points of the computer-controlled Ninjas, especially when they're holding the sword (they hold the sword and kunai differently).

  Some enemies in Syndicate Wars have extra animations that just can't be edited in Pancake 2 (namely Fog and Eagle's respawn animations).

Pancake 3

  Editing Blaze in BKIII can cause issues such as the Title Screen not working properly, or Yamato's cloaking attack freezing the game and then returning to the Sega Logo. Apparently, pressing Y as Player 2 crashes the game, but they can still use a combo finisher by holding B and then releasing it. To fix Yamato's cloaking attack, apply these Hex values starting at address 16938: 31 E8 00 1C F8 7E 60 1A 30

 Editing Roo can prevent both regional variants of the game from succeeding the Stage Clear screen. This can be solved by copying Hex Values from a clean ROM or previous revision of your hack.

  For some reason, after generating enough art, Pancake 3 seems to decrease the value of the art address on sprites exceeding 33FFFF by 200000 (in hex).

Megadrive Voice Editor

  For SOR2, before replacing voices in Bank 3, make sure that you set the amount of voices (from 13) to 10. Saving the ROM with the wrong amount of voices can permanently corrupt the Sound Bank.

Always make sure to keep backup copies of your hacks, in case something goes wrong.

Streets of Rage 3 Text Tables, I use WindHex32 to edit text in SOR3.

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(#) Subject: Getting Started Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:18 am">

Getting Started

Subject: Getting Started Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:18 am

Now that we've gathered our tools, let's start preparing our sprites for the Streets of Rage games! But first, we'll want to adjust our character's colors to the color palette used in the SOR2/3 ROM. There are a few ways you can go about this.

Creating a sprite sheet out of image files

For this example, I'll use Kim's sprites from King of Fighters '94:

First, I insert all of the image files I want into a GIF editor and save the GIF file.

Then, I'll create a sprite sheet out of the GIF using Avi4BMP:

Now, I can start adjusting the colors.

There, that's one fine-looking color adjustment!

After the sprites are prepared, we can start creating the image files that we'll insert into our ROM.

The sprite should be about 7 pixels above the bottom of the image, depending on its resolution.

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(#) Subject: Inserting Sprites Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:19 am">

Inserting Sprites

Subject: Inserting Sprites Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:19 am

After the image files are created, it's finally time to insert our sprites into the ROM! First, open Pancake 2 or 3 (according to which Streets of Rage game you are hacking). If you're editing the standard US version of SOR2/3, simply click on File -> Open ROM. But for other versions of Streets of Rage 2 including Bare Knuckle II (JP/EU) and specific hacks like Syndicate Wars, open ROM with Specific Guide. Be careful not to exceed 4MB, though.

To insert new sprites, click on "Generate from Image".
You can also generate sprites over old addresses, but make sure that they aren't used first.


His sprite is too low, but that's okay, we can fix that by simply dragging the sprite when the Tools selection is set to "Drag Sprite". In case the sprite messes up, you can always replace the art using the same tiles. I'd suggest having the sprites about 8 pixels above the bottom of the image.

You can copy sprites with F5, and paste them with F6.

Replacing Icons
You can replace the icons with Pancakes, but for Streets of Rage 2 and SOR2 Syndicate Wars 0.9, I prefer editing them via Tile Layer Pro.

Tile Layer Pro Method
Tile Layer Pro will automatically open the palette file if the tpl's name is the same as the ROM that's opened.

For this method, first scroll to where the icon art is located and select them with the Right Mouse Button.

Then, Export Bitmap.

Now use the image editor of your choice. I like to use Paint.NET when creating the icons.

Next, insert the art of your icons into the tileset bitmap and save afterwards.

Then, click on "Import Bitmap" and carefully set it so that its position matches the tiles that are being replaced.

Safe and sound!

Kim is perfectly fine! Except that his sprite is way too big, but I was just using his sprites for demonstration purposes. You can always (batch) resize the sprites via IrfanView, to make their size more in line with the SOR characters' sprites.

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(#) Subject: Customizing Voices Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:19 am">

Customizing Voices

Subject: Customizing Voices Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:19 am

Voices can be changed via Megadrive Voice Editor.

I would recommend reducing the sampling rate of the wavs up to 22050 hz, 8-Bit Mono. The quality won't be as good, but they will take up less space in the sound banks.

Keep in mind that before replacing voices from SOR2's Bank 3 (the bank that includes voices like Skate's vault throw and Axel's death cry) , make sure the number of voices is set to 10 (if not, change it to 10 and then click Load), or that sound bank will corrupt upon saving.

Resampling sounds via Wavosaur
Resample to 22050 hz, and with its Bit depth converter, change the bit depth to 8-bit.

After you are finished replacing voices in each Sound Bank, save your ROM.

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(#) Subject: Modifying Sound Values Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:20 am">

Modifying Sound Values

Subject: Modifying Sound Values Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:20 am

Modifying Sound Values

Within the ROMs, most things that play sounds are prefixed with the Hex Values 203C0000. Here are all the sound offsets that I know of. Most of SOR3's sound offsets are suffixed with 4EB9.

In SOR2, sound types are as follows: 01 Music, 02 Voice, 04 Sound

SOR2 Voice and Sound Offsets

AE0E Defense Specials
AE42 Max Offense Special
AE5A Blaze Offense Special
AE78 Skate Offense Special
BE9C Blaze Blitz
E6BC Lady Scream
E6DE Enemy Death Cry (2nd byte randomizes based on ED68)
E804 Boss Death Cry
1321A Abadede Defense Special
138B4 Abadede (Breaking out of grab)
13948 Abadede Slam
1471A Jack Laugh
1549C Rd.1 Barbon Intro
15D40 Electra Jump Kick
16344 Electra Drop Intro
16A40 Signal Throw
16E9C Big Ben Laugh
179FC Zamza Attack 1
17C3E Zamza Attack 2
1A618 Jet Grab
1B26E Ninja Teleport
1BA76 Ninja Throw
1CDD2 Fog Grenade Throw
1CDE4 Fog Bike 1
1CBCE Fog Bike 2
1CC20 Fog Bike 3
1CD3E Fog Bike 4
1E98A Mr. X Laugh
1F396 Mr. X Death Cry

18F10 Explosion (Particle)
1D13A Explosion (Bike)

BC78 Player Death Cries
E6D8: Enemy Death Cry Array (Increase to choose from more voices, preferably a multitude of 4)
E6AA: If higher than 1, enemies repeatedly make death cries.

SOR2 Syndicate Wars Voice Offsets
C338  Zamza Attack (Player)
C386  Abadede Defense Special (Player)
C554  Shiva Final Crash (Player)
C4AC  Max Offense Special
C4C4  Blaze Offense Special
C4E2  Skate Corkscrew Kick
C554  Shiva Final Crash (Special, Player)
EA7A  Electra Death Cry (Player)
F4AE  Electra Jump Kick (Player)
F750  Shiva Final Crash (Blitz, Player)
F7C2  Axel Blitz
F7E0  Blaze Blitz
F80C  Ninja Teleport (Player)
FD84  Sword Whiff (Player)
10568 Hakuyo Jump Kick (Player)
1058C Shiva Jump Attack (Player)
10960 Hakuyo Jump Kick? (Player)
12090 Barbon Throw (Player)
120A4 Signal Throw (Player)
120B8 Ninja Throw (Player)
12538 R. Bear Headbutt (Player)
127FC Jet Throw (Player)
129FA Zamza Throw (Player)
12A34 Abadede Defense Special (Player)
12CF2 Player Throw Voices
12D2E Zamza Attack 1
12D6C Abadede Slam (Player)
12DB2 Shiva Slam (Player)
13074 Skate Vault Throw
14986 Electra Death Cry
189EA R. Bear Headbutt
18A68 R. Bear Headbutt
19852 Abadede Defense Special
19F54 Abadede Defense Special (Breaking out of grab)
19FE8 Abadede Slam
1ADBA Jack Laugh
1BB3C Barbon Intro
1BD70 Barbon Throw
1C3E0 Electra Jump Kick
1C9F6 Electra Drop Intro
1D0F2 Signal Throw
1D552 Big Ben Laugh
1E0BC Zamza Attack 2
1E2FE Zamza Attack 3
20CEA Jet Throw
21976 Ninja Teleport
21F16 Sword Whiff (Enemy)
2217E Ninja Throw
23500 Fog Grenade Throw?
2323E Fog Bike 1
232FC Fog Bike 2
2334E Fog Bike 3
2346C Fog Bike 4
23B4A Fog Grenade Throw
25150 Mr. X Laugh
252D8 Mr. X Attack
253FE Mr. X Send out Shiva
25518 Mr. X Laugh (Spectating)
26D0C Shiva Final Crash
26546 Shiva Slam
26E92 Shiva Jump Kick

EA6E  Player Death Cries
10734 Jump Attack Voices
12CF2 Grab Attack Voices

EA8E  Enemy Death Cry Array (For Players?)
149A2 Enemy Death Cry Array [preferably a multitude of 4]

1F5E2 Explosion 1
23868 Explosion 2

14AEC Boss Death Cry
25B82 Mr. X Boss Death Cry

SOR2 Syndicate Wars Sound Offsets
1E80 Extra Life (Score)
4F16 Pickup Money Item
4F2C Pickup Money Item
4F42 Pickup Extra Life
4F64 Pickup Apple
4F78 Pickup Chicken
777C Menu Cursor
77D2 Menu Cursor (Main Menu, Down)
7800 Menu Cursor (Main Menu, Up)
785E Menu Confirm (Main Menu)
7AD8 Menu Cursor (Character Select, Right)
7B58 Menu Cursor (Character Select, Left)
7BD8 Menu Confirm (Selected Character)
7CAC Menu Confirm (Selected Stage in Duel Mode)
7D08 Menu Confirm (Selected Special in Duel Mode)
8B92 Hit Ground
94CE Go
A278 Bonus Points
C1B6 Axel Defense Special
C1B8 Blaze Defense Special
C4B6 Axel Offense Special
C852 Landing (Axel Offense Special)
CC90 Landing
CE04 Jack Equip Knife
D0A0 Jack Attack Whiff
D41A Big Ben Flamethrower
D518 Hakuyo Special (Player)
D690 Jet
DD6A Particle Spikeball Hit (Player)
DE56 Particle Laser (Player)
D816 Zamza Roll Attack (Player)
E38A Menu Cursor (Continue, Left)
E3FE Menu Cursor (Continue, Right)
E5B6 Menu Cursor (Continue)
E636 Menu Cursor
E65A Menu Cursor
E68C Menu Confirm
EB12 Landing
EB42 Particle Landing (Player)
F47A Particle Jump (Player)?
F5EC Jet
F6E6 Slide
F908 Skate Run (Right)
F9C0 Skate Run (Left)
FED4 Normal Attack Whiff
101DC Particle Jump?
10E84 Particle Landing
10F02 Particle Landing
1108A Knock Down from throws/slams (Player)
12F16 Max Grab Jump Land
12F5A Knock Down (Landing from Atomic Drop)
14DF4 Knock Down from throws/slams (Enemy)
15D42 Menu Cursor (Options)
1697E Hit Ground
1A5DC Galsia/Donovan 1st Punch
1A614 Galsia/Donovan 2nd Punch
1A676 Donovan Uppercut
1C2E6 Electra Whip
1CEEC Signal Slide
1D8DE Big Ben Flamethrower
1DB6E Big Ben Drop Down Intro
1E114 Zamza Slide
1E8F2 Zamza Roll Attack
1F26E Hakuyo Special
2417E Particle Landing
241E6 Particle Landing
24466 Particle Jump
2475A Particle Laser
24664 Particle Jump?
24B12 Particle Spikeball Hit
25940 Mr. X Bullets
25CB8 Knock Down (Mr. X Death)
2622E Shiva Defense Special (only on Whiff)
26664 Shiva Jump (Intro)
26C9A Shiva Slide
26DC4 Shiva Jump

In SOR3, sound types are as follows: 01 Music, 02 Voice, 03 Sound

The two bytes before the sound pointers appear to control the priority of the sounds. Setting the values to 00F0 will prevent the hit sounds from stopping the special voice clips.

BKIII Voice Offsets
C320 Player death cries when slammed
E08C Player death cries (I forget what circumstance these are used for...)
11434 Player death cries when trapped
247EE Character Death Cries
01D1C4 Ash Laugh
01DE74 Rd. 5 Robot X Laugh

BKIII Sound Offsets
AA11 Shiva Slam (Player?)
0212F8 Neo-X Landing from Jump (1)
0213B0 Neo-X Landing from Charge
02168E Neo-X Landing from Jump (2)
021788 Neo-X Landing from throw
021944 Neo-X Projectile
0219AE Neo-X Projectile Explode

SOR3 Voice Offsets

8578 Blaze Knife Blitz
8612 Zan Blitz voice
8613 Axel Blitz voice
8614 Blaze Blitz voice
C513 Player Death Cries?
CE1E Zan 1-Star Blitz voice
CE1F Axel 1-Star Blitz voice
CE20 Blaze 1-Star Blitz voice
CE74 Zan 2-Star Blitz voice
CE75 Axel 2-Star Blitz voice
CE76 Blaze 2-Star Blitz voice
CECA Zan 3-Star Blitz voice
CECB Axel 3-Star Blitz voice
90E4 Zan Jump Attack voice
90E5 Axel Jump Attack voice
90E6 Blaze Jump Attack voice
91C0 Team Attack Throw
9DE0 Grab voices
A414 Zan Slam voice
A415 Axel Slam voice
A416 Blaze Slam voice
A417 Skate Head Smashes
B130 Skate Vault Throw
B50A Grabbed Defense Kick
B5D0 Grabbed Defense Throw
1044C Player Death Cries when trapped
23A80 Player Death Cries under normal circumstances
23A87 Enemy Death Cries

9EB2 Player Shiva Final Crash (Grabs)
A1BC Player Shiva Final Crash (Unknown use)
CCEA Player Shiva Final Crash

18398 Break Grand Upper (Anti-air)
18428 Break Vault Attack
186AE Break Throw and Slam
1872A Break Defense Special
18816 Break Grand Upper (Unknown use)
18942 Break Grand Upper (Charge)

SOR3 Sound Offsets
F892 Character Run Sounds
9F10 Defense Specials (grabs)
CC42 Defense Specials
CCE6 Offense Specials

37E4C Wind Sound 1 (84)
37E5E Wind Sound 2 (84)
37E70 Wind Sound 3 (83)

SOR2 Voice Index
Bank 0
00 Hit 1
01 Hit 2
02 Hit 3
03 Hit 4
04 Hit 5
05 Hit 6
06 Axel Grunt
07 Skate Grunt
08 Electra Jump Kick
09 Unused "Oh"
0A Enemy Death 1
0B Enemy Death 2 / Boss Death
0C Signal Throw
0D Jet Throw
0E Unused (sounds like an alternate voice for Jet)
0F Zamza Attack
10 Ninja Throw
11 Barbon Intro "Come on"
12 Bike Crash
13 Jack Laugh

Bank 1
14 Bike
15 Max Slam
16 Axel Blitz
17 Lady Scream
18 Skate Death
19 Explosion
1A Enemy Hard Hit
1B Enemy Weak Hit
1C Sword Swing
1D Shiva Attack
1E Enemy Medium Hit
1F Hakuyo Jump Kick

Bank 2
20 Fog Grenade Throw
21 Big Ben Laugh
22 Unused
23 Max Death
24 Blaze Jump Kick
25 Blaze Blitz
26 Blaze Offense Special
27 Blaze Throw
28 Max Jump Kick
29 Max Offense Special
2A Skate Offense Special

Bank 3
2B Skate Grab Kick
2C Skate Vault Throw
2D Shiva Blitz
2E Abadede Grunt
2F R. Bear Headbutt
30 Mr. X Laugh
31 Ninja Teleport
32 Mr. X Grunt
33 Barbon Throw
34 Axel Death

SOR2 Sound Index

20 Player Whiff
21 Jump
22 Land
23 Pipe Swing
24 Weapon Throw
25 Thrown Body Hit
26 Hit Ground
27 Health Item
28 1UP
29 Money Item
2A Block
2B Electra Whip
2C Electrocuted
2D Whip Hit
2E Container Broken
2F Blade Hit
30 Axel Defense Special
31 Max Defense Special
32 Blaze Defense Special
33 Skate Defense Special
34 Slide
35 Skate Run
36 Jack Knife
37 Menu Cursor
38 Menu Confirm
39 Go
3A Hakuyo Special
3B Jet Attack
3C Big Ben Flamethrower
3D Fall
3E Laser
3F SOR1 Enemy Hit
40 Particle Land
41 Particle Hit 1
42 Particle Hit 2 (unused)
43 (Used as back sound in SOR3 but unused in SOR2)
44 Mr. X Bullets
45 Bonus
46 Time Over
47 Shiva Final Crash Hit
48 Elevator
49 Elevator Stop
4A Stage 7 Elevator
4B Stage 7 Elevator Stop
4C Stage 4 Boss Crowd
4D Vehelits
4E Vehelits Hit
4F Oil Drum Hit
50 Alien Egg Hit
51 Axel Grand Upper Hit

BKIII/SOR3 Voice Index
00 = Beat Instrument
01 = Beat Instrument 2
02 = Blaze Blitz
03 = "Hihuh?" unused female voice
04 = Ash and Break's Death Cry
05 = Blaze Grunt
06 = Shiva Slam / Tiger Jump
07 = Shiva and Tiger Grunt
08 = Zan's Deah Cry
09 = Nothing
10 = Shiva and bosses' Death Cry
11 = Blaze Offense Special
12 = Enemy's Death Cry
13 = Onihime/Mona and Yasha/Lisa's Grunt
14 = Ninja Throw
15 = Garnet's Jump Kick
16 = Vice/Zack Headbutt
17 = Ash's Laugh
18 = Hit Sound 1
19 = Unused Female Grunt?
20 = Donovan Bulldozer and Robot X Boss Intro
21 = Hit Sound 1
22 = Final Crash
23 = Grand Upper
24 = Axel's Grunt
25 = Sammy's Grunt
26 = Hit Sound 2
27 = Nothing
28 = Nothing
29 = Nothing
30 = Explosion
31 = Sword Whiff
32 = Hit Sound 3
33 = Lady's Death Cry
34 = Sammy's Death Cry
35 = Bike
36 = Bike Crash
37 = Nothing
38 = Nothing
39 = Nothing
40 = Axel's Death Cry
41 = Zan's Grunt
42 = Yamato (used for Ninja teleport in BKIII)
43 = Yamato Death Spin
44 = Yamato "Decoy"
45 = Yamato "Invisible"
46 = Player Sword Whiff
47 = Skate Offense Special
48 = Unused Bird Sound?
49 = Nothing
50 = Big Ben Laugh
51 = Unused Grand Upper-like voice

BKIII/SOR3 Sound Index (includes some leftovers from SOR2)
40 Ninja Sword Roll
41 Jump
42 Landing
43 Pipe Swing
44 Tiny Whiff
45 SOR2 Jump Kick Hit
46 Knock Down Landing
47 Eat Apple/Chicken
48 1UP
49 Money
4A SOR2 Hit Sound
4B Electra Whip
4C Electrocuted
4D Whip Hit
4E Glass Shatter
4F Knife Hit
50 Axel Special
51 Max Defense Special
52 Blaze Defense Special
53 Skate Defense Special
54 Slide
55 Skate Defense Special
56 Jack Equip Knife
57 Menu Cursor
58 Menu Confirm
59 Menu Cancel
5A Hakuyo Special / Neo-X Explosion
5B Jet Charge
5C Big Ben Fire Breath
5D Enemy Fall Down
5E Break Preservers
5F Robot Landing
60 Particle Hit
61 Particle Hit 2
62 SOR3 Menu Cancel
63 Machine Gun
64 Score Bonus
65 Time Over
66 Secret Agent Bullets
67 Elevator
68 Elevator Stop
69 SOR2 Round 7 Elevator
6A Vehelits Noise
6B Vehelits Hurt
6C Barrel Hit
6D Alien Egg Destroy
6E Particle Laser
6F Particle Sound
70 Dunno what this is, it makes me think of a helicopter.
71 Axel Grand Upper Hit
72 Seems very much unused, pictures me a UFO.
73 Fade in version of above sound
74 Unused sound that sounds like an engine or something for humor
75 Mini Steps (Most likely unused as well)
76 Some motor sound, not sure what this is for.
77 Seems like the same thing, but already faded in.
78 "Motor" sound fading out.
79 Unused "Thunder"-like sound
7A Unused Flanger Sound
7B Long Falling Sound
7C P-1 Explosion
7D (Not sure how to describe this unused sound)
7E Zap Sound
7F Zap Sound 2
80 Camera take picture
81 General
82 Red Alert Sound
83 Wind Sound 1
84 Wind Sound 2
85 Unused Deep Wind Sound
86 Helicopter
87 Helicopter
88 Helicopter
89 Zan Dash
8A Skate Dash
8B Unused continuous sound?
8C Bubble Background Sound
8D Round 7A Sound
8E Get Coin! Just kidding.
8F Another unused continuous sound?
90 Beginning of Cutscene
91 Unused Flanger Sound?
92 Whop Sound
93 Sounds like something you'd hear in another Beat 'em up, like breaking stuff
94 Soft Jet Sound
95 Spray Sound

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Subject: Miscellaneous Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:20 am

(reserved post for now)
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Re: Tutorial: How to create a character in Streets of Rage 2 & 3

Subject: Re: Tutorial: How to create a character in Streets of Rage 2 & 3

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