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(#) Subject: Candra Software Forum Rules Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:57 am">

Candra Software Forum Rules

Subject: Candra Software Forum Rules Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:57 am

1. Only post if you have something to add to the discussion. This forum isn't for spamming random nonsense.
2. Any sort of disruptive posting is prohibited. That includes posting for the sake of insulting or annoying other users. Also, please avoid using images that create horizontal scroll bars.
3. Do not ask where to obtain commercial ROM images. We can't be more specific than suggesting to use a search engine. IPS patches and links to Steam Workshop pages are always welcomed, though.
4. Make sure your posts can be understood. Use the best grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization as you can in English. This also means no 1337 speak, posting in all caps, and word abbreviations such as "u" instead of "you".
5. This forum isn't the place for internet memes, either.
6. Signatures may not be taller than 5 lines of normal text. URL shortening websites such as can contain suspicious links (for some reason, Mediafire links are forced to have a URL shortener).

Some rules in this forum may also apply here. You can tell me if you disagree with any of the rules, and make suggestions.
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